About FOXBOX Gift Cards

FOXBOX Retail operates in India through 4 brands including BrandSTIK, FOXBOX Gift Cards, FOXBOX Stores and FOXBOX Loyalty.

FOXBOX Retail through its 4 brands offers a wide gamut of products and solutions including branded merchandise, gift cards, experiential gifting and marketing solutions such as BrandSTORE, Employee LogoStores, Reward and Loyalty programs which assist large and medium corporates in their sales and marketing initiatives. The company has serviced over 800 clients across the world and done a consolidated business of over USD 10 mn.

The easiest way to buy and send eGift Cards online

Foxbox Gift Cards is your one stop shop for buying, sending e-Gift Cards. Foxbox was designed to overcome the age old problem of losing or leaving Gift Cards at home when you need them most. If you have a smart phone then gift card can be redeemed in an instant!


  • Send eGift Cards instantly
  • No delivery fees, no more snail mail
  • Buy cards from India's leading retailers
  • Attach a complimentary greeting card to make each them feel special
  • Store eGift Cards on your mobile phone
  • Simple and secure payment system via major credit cards
  • Redeem gift card via your phone in store or shop on-line
  • Perfect for birthdays, thanks yous, anniversaries, rewards, baby showers, Christmas and all last minute present ideas.

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