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Looking for the best alternative for cash and gift vouchers while shopping? The gift card could be a great option to shop at your favourite places, conveniently. With the Axis Bank Gift Card, you can shop anywhere, anytime on the move sans hassles of carrying cash. The gift card is accepted by 4,00,000 online retailers and stores that accept VISA card as a mode of payment. So, you can hop into a store or sit back at home and shop online with the help of Axis Bank Gift Card at the drop of a hat.

About FOXBOX - The easiest way to buy and send eGift Cards online

Foxbox Gift Cards is your one stop shop for buying, sending, storing and redeeming e-Gift Cards from Australia's top retailers. Foxbox was designed to overcome the age old problem of losing or leaving Gift Cards at home when you need them most. Now if you have your mobile phone, that means you have your card with you to redeem, or the ability to purchase in an instant!


  • Send eGift Cards instantly
  • No delivery fees, no more snail mail
  • Buy cards from India's leading retailers
  • Attach a complimentary greeting card to make each them feel special
  • Store eGift Cards on your mobile phone
  • Simple and secure payment system via major credit cards
  • Redeem Foxbox gifts via your phone in store or shop on-line
  • Perfect for birthdays, thanks yous, anniversaries, rewards, baby showers, Christmas and all last minute present ideas.

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